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We use cookies to ensure the optimal performance of the website and to enhance your user experience of our platform. Cookies are handy and useful small text files that your internet browser saves to the computer. The use of cookies is safe. Personal information, such as a telephone number or email address, cannot be derived from cookies.

Cookies ensure that

  • the website is fast;
  • you can safely store your data on;
  • we can detect errors and inconveniences on the website;
  • we can test improvements;
  • we can provide you with information about relevant topics.

What data does collect?
This website tracks the pages visited by all users of the site. The visitor data of all users is compiled in order to improve our website, measure the use of the site and ensure optimal performance. We also use the data for research purposes and to provide you with the best information about products and services from us and from third parties affiliated with All data collected is considered confidential and will be processed with an appropriate level of security and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We find it important to share only relevant information with you. We therefore use cookies that tell us something about your user profile. We show information that corresponds to a previous visit to

How can you turn off cookies?
Functional and static cookies are required for the optimal functionality of the site. You cannot turn off these cookies. You agree to the use of these cookies when visiting our website. You can always delete or disable cookies using your browser settings. When doing so, you will no longer receive cookies on An explanation about adjusting the cookie settings can be found under Help in most browsers. Please note that our website will not function as well without cookies.

You have the right to access the information that we have processed about you. You also have the right to request us to delete this information. Before this request can be carried out, we will ask you to identify yourself so we can provide you with the correct information.