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Zet 'm op!


Exhibition around the Dutch Championship in Taxidermy.

Every two years, the Dutch Association of Taxidermists organizes national championships. It revolves around determining the best in the art of mounting a mammal, preparing a fish skeleton, creating a model of a bird, and various other categories. Traditionally, this competition is held at Natuurmuseum Fryslân. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the championship could not take place for a few years, but in 2024, it's finally happening again. Therefore, we are expecting a higher number of entries!

Natuurmuseum Fryslân has its own team of taxidermists, but there are also others in the Netherlands who, professionally or as a hobby, engage in the art of taxidermy. These taxidermists are united in the Dutch Association of Taxidermists (NVP). Every two years, the NVP organizes the Dutch Championships in Taxidermy. Judging occurs in various categories, including large and small mammals, large and small birds, as well as fish, reptiles, amphibians, and skeletons. The jury assesses the overall taxidermy, anatomy, level of difficulty, posture, and the pedestal.

First, second, and third prizes are awarded in each category, along with honorable mentions. And who can claim the title of the best all-round taxidermist in the Netherlands? Natuurmuseum has introduced the audience award: visitors can vote for their favourite exhibit.

During the exhibition around the Dutch Championship in Taxidermy, visitors can admire all the entries. This results in a colourful array of animals, a parade of birds and mammals, providing a unique perspective on the fauna of the Netherlands and beyond.

"Zet ‘m op" is made possible in part by Provinsje Fryslân. The exhibition is open from February 10 to June 2, 2024.

until 2 June
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From € 6,50 (for children)
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