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UNESCO World Heritage Schokland


Just outside the Frisian borders, you'll find Schokland, a former island that bears witness to the struggle against water. This UNESCO World Heritage site symbolizes Dutch resilience and the perpetual battle against the sea.

Discover Schokland, a unique place in the Noordoostpolder where land and water have been waging an age-old battle. This former island, now a monument on the mainland, tells a story of human courage and perseverance. Schokland is a symbol of the Dutch fight against the encroaching water and a testament to the way our ancestors shaped the landscape.

A place full of history that you must not miss Once, Schokland was a prosperous island in the Zuiderzee, inhabited by a community that lived off fishing and trade. Over the centuries, the island was transformed by natural forces and human intervention. Originating in prehistoric times as a place of higher ground, the island was increasingly enclosed and reduced by the sea, causing its inhabitants to be in constant struggle with the elements.

The story of Schokland Schokland is a cultural sanctuary that bears the traces of a tumultuous history. The island was evacuated in 1859 due to the threat of the sea, but the spirit of the community lives on. With its archaeological remains, historical buildings, and landscapes, Schokland offers a unique perspective on life in an environment that is constantly changing. It is a place where you can feel the connection with the past and understand the fight against the water.

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Here you will find UNESCO World Heritage Schokland

Bezoekerscentrum Schokland
Middelbuurt 3
8319AB Schokland
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