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Façade stone wall

The façade stone wall is an original initiative and beautiful historic feature of Workum. 22 old façade stones have been incorporated under the gateway alongside number 18 on De Merk market square.

Information signs provide an explanation and a map of the city, showing those buildings from which these stones have been retrieved. It is a stone archive as it were, that also attracts tourists, as it gives a glimpse into the history of Workum and especially what has disappeared over the centuries. By exhibiting the stones, a little piece of the city's history becomes visible again.

The map alongside the stones shows exactly where the buildings were located. There is a booklet about this, “Workums Stenen Archief”, which is available from Museum Warkums Erfskip in the old weighing house across the market Each stone tells its own story, with a little help from the photos. 


Merk 19
8711 CL Workum
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