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Klokkenstoel Ruigahuizen

Ruigahuizen Bell Tower

At one time the village of Ruigahuizen had a church and a bell tower. The old bell tower was demolished in 1920. A new one was built to replace it in 1956.

The old bell cast by Ciprianus Krans in Amsterdam in 1746 survived the Second World War and was hung beneath the four-sided dome roof of the new bell tower. But it was stolen in 1975. In 1979, the bell tower was renovated and equipped with a new bell, which was replaced by a heavier one in 2003. The bell tower is a protected monument. It stands in the village graveyard, which is on raised ground in Tsjerkhofleane on the west side of the village.


Tsjerkhofleane 2
8564 HC Ruigahuizen
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