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Bezoekerscentrum Uniastate en Tsjerke Bears

A 13th century church with an ornately decorated interior and a pretty wood carved pulpit is situated on the terrain of the cultural historic centre Uniastate. The church has a visitor centre with a permanent exhibition about castles in Friesland. The exhibition shows a remarkable story of the inhabitants, interior and garden architecture of earlier times. The upper floor of the church contains a library and documentation centre. An unique steel mirage stands on the terrain of the former Unia castle (in the year of our lord 1756). You can get a beautiful sight of the Frisian countryside from the watchtower. The old original gate stands on the terrain and the upper floor has an exhibition of all the remaining gates in Friesland. In the summer months you may find many varying expositions inside the church or elsewhere on the terrain of the Uniastate.


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