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The Martinikerk Easterein


The Martinikerk is a church built in the 14th century, located on a moated elevation. In the middle of the 11th century, a tuffstone predecessor was built. The church hall is available for rent. You can also book a guided tour.

The Martinikerk is a single-aisled church with a five-sided closed choir, an attached two-story sacristy, and an undivided tower with a blunt, inset spire. The sacristy, possibly built around 1300, is situated next to the likely 14th-century church, incorporating sections of a mid-12th-century predecessor. The tower was restored in 1688.

In the 19th century, probably in 1862, both the church and the tower were largely bricked. The church received additional buttresses on the south side, and the tower acquired a neoclassical entrance framing.

The tower houses a bell cast by Steven Butendiic (1468) and a bell by Jacob Noteman (1645).

The interior is covered by a 16th-century wooden vault, still visible in the choir. In 1862, a wooden vault was added to the nave under the existing wooden vault, featuring stuccoed tie beams, wall posts, and encased corbels.

The church inventory includes a tombstone, possibly crafted by Hagart(?), canopied gentlemen's benches (17th century), and a white-painted pulpit (19th century).

The church possesses a rare rood screen, created in 1554 by a certain Hein H(agart)? The rood screen, painted to resemble natural stone but made of oak, is three arches wide and consists of a covered gallery or choir loft supported by composite columns. This gallery, also with three arches, features a balustrade and columns with decorated panels.

The lower part is covered by wooden star vaults, while the gallery has small net vaults. The decoration includes Bible verses, biblical scenes, caryatids, Persians (or Atlantes), and ornaments in an exuberant early Mannerist style.

Hardorff built the organ in 1870. In 1920, the organ was restored and modified by Bakker & Timmenga: the Trumpet 8' and Trombone 8' were renewed, and the Carillon register was replaced with an Aeoline 8'. Restoration work took place in 1940 by Van Dam. In the last restoration in 1985-1987 by Bakker & Timmenga, the reed stops from 1920 were again replaced with new ones, and the Aeoline was replaced by a new Carillon 2 st.

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Here you will find The Martinikerk Easterein

De Martinikerk Easterein
Tsjerkebuorren 2
8734 Easterein
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