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Waterland van Friesland

Cliff at Oudemirdum

The cliff at Oudemirdum is 6 metres high. It was formed during the last ice age but one when the land was pushed up by enormous glaciers that advanced from Scandinavia and deposited large boulders in Gaasterland. The forces exerted by the ice created hills in the landscape and the wave action of the Zuiderzee inlet cut three cliffs into the bedrock.

The cliff is approached by a trail that leads between the grassy embankments of the Minne Minnespad path. The cliff is of great geological interest. The rock strata and fossils tell us a great deal about the past. Different levels of moisture in the soil provide habitat for more than 200 species of plants. The area is also home to a colony of badgers and many water birds.


De Dollen
8567 HP Oudemirdum
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