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Frieschepalen Fort


During the Eighty Years’ War, ten forts were built in Friesland to defend against the Spanish. The fort built in the village of Frieschepalen later formed part of the Frisian Water Line.

The village of Frieschepalen arose as a land clearing settlement on raised bogland. During the Eighty Years’ War, this little village was part of the Frisian Water Line. As Stadtholder of Friesland, William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg ordered the building of a fort on this site in 1593. Unlike other fortifications, the Frieschepalen fort was not armed or manned. The householders who lived here fled when the Spanish arrived. The fort did not play a significant role during the Eighty Years’ War but it was taken back into use in 1672, which is referred to as a ‘disaster year’ in Dutch history, when the Prince-Bishop of Münster, also known as ‘Bombing Bernhard’, attempted to invade Friesland. 

Parts of the Frieschepalen fort were rebuilt in 2014. 

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