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Camping Ykema - Groepsaccommodatie Camping Ykema


The group accommodation consists of a day room with a kitchen. It is fully equipped for a maximum of forty people, but staying in the group accommodation with fewer guests is of course also possible. There is a sleeping area in the old farmhouse. This con

This group accommodation is suitable for a maximum of 40 people. The accommodation consists of a large living room with an adjoining kitchen. The sleeping area is housed in the old farmhouse, which consists of two large dormitories, each with 20 beds. In the outbuilding are the toilets, which are only used by the guests of the group accommodation. You will find the showers on the camping site, which you share with the other camping guests.

The campsite is located near the village of Sandfirden in Friesland, in the middle of meadows and lakes. It is a small campsite on the water and is located on 'De Flakke Bokken'. This is in open connection with the Heegermeer and the Fluessen. Because 'De Flakke Bokken' is not a through sailing route, you can enjoy plenty of space and tranquility here. The campsite is situated around a farm where goats, chickens, rabbits and sheep roam. In addition, the conditions are ideal for sailing / boating. There are also beautiful cycling routes and there is always plenty to do in the Sûdwest-Fryslân area.

Special about this accommodation
There are several activities you can do in the area. At the campsite itself there is the possibility for the youth to play on the field with the volleyball net, sandpit, swing, seesaw and a trampoline. In addition, it is of course possible to use all the options on the water. You can surf here or sail by boat. If you do not own a boat yourself, it is possible to rent one, the campsite rents out different types of boats. In addition, they are happy to arrange canoes or bicycles for you. You are in a beautiful lake area in Southwest Friesland. This makes it a must to cycle here.

Important to know
This group accommodation is suitable for various groups such as families, schools or companies. The accommodation is not suitable for students.

Event group size:
max. 40 persons
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Here you will find Camping Ykema - Groepsaccommodatie Camping Ykema

nummer 11
8613 JH Sandfirden
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