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Lemsteraak 'Blaauwe Walvisch'

Sail Events Friesland

Sailing and navigating the Lemmer barge of Sail Events Friesland is a wonderful water sports experience. Our barge called "Blaauwe Walvisch" (Blue Whale) is fully equipped with all conveniences. We offer a wide range of different packages and events. For example, a festive sailing trip with friends or family or competitive sailing. Business sailing is also possible for meetings for example, or as a special gathering.

The experience will make a lasting impression: nothing compares to how a barge sails on the Frisian waters. This unique way of experiencing water sports is possible on the Frisian lakes or along the waterways and canals as well as on the IJsselmeer (lake). We have many boarding locations at unique places in Friesland. Our range of food and drink on board is also something special and we can tailor our offer to your needs.

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