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Pancake train


Pancake train in Marrum, Friesland, Netherlands.

This little station in Marrum-Westernijkerk is often called 'the most fun station in Holland'.

The imposing Humboldt steam locomotive from 1914 attracts the two completely restored style coupe carriages from 1920 in which the pancake restaurant is located.

The conductor cuts your ticket and provides the timetable with the most delicious pancakes. Even a visit to the toilet, situated in an old potato car, is worth a visit. We do not call this the "the Royal Carriage" for nothing. In the Pannekoek train it is not just pancakes food, it is a rail experience for young and old.

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Here you will find Pancake train

De Pannekoektrein
Perron 1 Stasjonswei
9073 GJ Marrum
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