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Museum 't Ponthús


Here the time line of the famous Stavoren stories is brought to life. Why was Stavoren a target for the Vikings? And how about the trading relationship with Hamburg? Or read more about the story of the emergency landing of the Halifax V during the Second

When visiting Stavoren, you mustn't miss the ‘Toankamer ’t Ponthús’. A visit to this museum gives you a guide to discovering Stavoren. After your visit, you'll know exactly which historic gems need to be found, to take a good look at them for yourself.

The Ponthús has an enormous  historic collection from 0 - 1000 AD, the Battle of Stavoren, the trade relationship with Hamburg, the Sint Odulf convent, the Hanseatic history, the city rights of Stavoren, the Viking attack, the Blokhuis fortress, the whalers, the historic fishing business, and much more. However, it also deals with the more recent history. There is attention for the Hoogland pumping station for example, the old and new locks, the fires of Stavoren, the mobilisation, the Second World War, the industry and the train accident at Stavoren. Not to forget the beautiful exhibitions about the ferry gap and the steam ferry, the station and the railway line, the water level gauge of the Peilschaalhuisje, the typical Stavoren Jol boats, the plane crash in the IJsselmeer lake and the Wadden Sea, and much more.

And any visitor to the area is sure to know the legend of the Lady of Stavoren. It's one of the most famous in this area of the Netherlands, after all. But how many people really know the complete story, and can tell it? We all know something about the ring, the fish and the grain, but what was it really all about? In the Ponthús, you can learn about it in detail, as the Lady even has her own room here. There is a film presentation of the legend here too.

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Here you will find Museum 't Ponthús

Museum 't Ponthús
Hellingspad 10 -12
8715 HT Stavoren
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