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National Ballet of China


A breathtaking performance from the pitch in the Abe Lenstra Stadium where mystical Chinese tales blend with classical ballet.

Imagine, the green sea of the Abe Lenstra Stadium, normally the scene of struggle and passion for football, transforms for one evening into a stage where the mystical stories from the Far East come to life. The National Ballet of China, a company that has captured the hearts of many worldwide, chooses Heerenveen to kick off their European tour. A decision that speaks of courage and a quest for connection.

An evening full of wonder
It's not an everyday combination—the raw energy of a football stadium and the refined elegance of classical ballet. Yet, it's precisely this mix that makes the evening so special. The National Ballet of China, known for their hours of dedication and perfection, brings a show you won't soon forget. The performance, a fusion of ancient Chinese stories and the graceful movements of ballet, promises to be a spectacle that touches both the heart and the soul.

A first in Friesland
Never before has the Abe Lenstra Stadium had the honor of hosting an event of this caliber. It's the first time the National Ballet of China performs for such a large audience in the Netherlands. That this happens in Heerenveen is something we can all be proud of. It promises to be an evening full of magic and emotion, a memory that will stay with us for a long time.

So, dear reader, do not let this opportunity pass you by. It's a unique experience to witness the world of classical ballet in such a special way. An evening in which the boundaries between sport and art blur, and where we together witness something truly breathtaking.

6 until 8 June
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Here you will find National Ballet of China

Abe Lenstra Stadion
Abe Lenstra Boulevard 19
8448 JA Heerenveen
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