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Olterterp Sculpture Trail | Koningspad XL Hiking Trail Network: Section 14

(3.7 km)

The last section of the Koningspad XL Hiking Trail Network explores the history of the Olterterp country estate through a sculpture trail. Today the Olterterp country estate is inhabited by a group of colourful characters from Frisian myths and legends. Some of them actually existed, others are figments of the imagination. Stories about these characters are collected in the book, Als Bomen Konden Spreken [If Trees Could Speak], which is available in Dutch and Frisian.

The 14 sections of the Koningspad XL Hiking Trail Network take you past the highlights of the Koningsdiep stream valley. A journey through meadows, heaths and the open landscape of Friesland.

To find out more about this section of the network, take a look at the detailed description of the route with photos and videos.

Sights on this route


Alpherbosch & Large Pond

This unique place tells the story of Mr Ambrosius Also van Boelens. He built a forest at the end of the 18th century. Firstly, he builds the forest opposite his house so that he could relax on Sundays.

Alpherbosch & Large Pond Grote vijver Olterterp

St. Hippolytuskerk Olterterp ((Church of Saint Hippolytus)

Romantic church with bell chair, located in the edge of the forest, near Beetsterzwaag, dates from 1500 with a tower from 1744. Belongs to the Alde Fryske Tsjerken Foundation, the church used as a concert hall, exhibition space and wedding/mourning place.

St. Hippolytuskerk Olterterp ((Church of Saint Hippolytus)
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