Royal Footsteps Tour

Once upon a time, Leeuwarden was judicial capital: the city of the Frisian town owners. There are many monuments to commemorate that time. The Frisian Nassau gave Friesland a whiff of royal allure. Learn more about it during this themed trip.

Day 1: To Leeuwarden

Day 2: Leeuwarden Royal Residence

The walk starts with a guided tour in Maria Louise van Hessel-Kassel’s style room: she was the matriarch of the Dutch dynasty. Afterwards you will follow the traces of the Nassau through historical Leeuwarden. You will find that famous buildings have been built or rebuilt by the governors. Splendorous pleasure gardens were designed for summer walks. You will follow the trail from their workplace to their garden, from temporary rest to permanent resting place.

Day 3: Royal Forests and the Oranjewoud Estate

The royal forests, east of Heerenveen, consist of a collection of former estates with long avenues, parks with tall oak trees, and a handful of remaining country houses. In the Museum Park, opposite the Oranjewoud Estate, you find the museum for modern and contemporary art. The museum is low-built and is a humble feature between heaven, water and earth that fits perfectly in the royal surroundings.

Day 4: Return home



Royal Footsteps Tour Highlights

Leeuwarden Canal Tour

Experience Leeuwarden from the water, make an astonishing boat trip through the historical inner city.

Leeuwarden City Tour

A historic city walk with a guide is the perfect way to explore the inner city of Leeuwarden.

Museum Belvédère

In the picturesque Oranjewoud, near the Oranjewoud Estate, Museum Belvédère is situated. Museum Belvédère is thé museum for modern and contemporary art in Friesland.

Cycling through Oranjewoud

Cycle in beautiful natural scenery, passing historical buildings with their long driveways, that used to be holiday resort of the royal Oranje-Nassaus.

Pricessehof Museum of Ceramics

This museum has the largest and most varied collection of Cinese porcelain in Holland and is world famous for the Asian, European and modern ceramics collections.