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Friesland Highlights Tour

Friesland mixes culture with its picturesque towns, history, art, architecture, and quirky traditions. Framed by the authentic landscape of old water rich province of the Netherlands. Experience the bustling Frisian culture and discover this beautiful Dutch uncharted gem.

Day 1: Arrive in Leeuwarden
City-walk with local guide. Followed by an, after lunch, guided tour of the Boomsma museum, a distillery from the 1930s.

Day 2: Dokkum and Drachten
We will drive to Dokkum through the village Hogebeintum, which has the highest mound of the Netherlands and beyond. We will walk through the historical center. After lunch we will see the Schierstins in Veenwouden. Thereafter, we will visit the Scherjon Clog factory. At the end of the afternoon we will visit Museum Drachten.

Day 3: Traditions and nature
The morning will begin with a visit to the cheese farm “De Deelen”, which is situated near the beautiful nature reserve ‘De Deelen’. Later, In Grou we will board a Skûtsje, a typical Frisian boat, and enjoy a lovely sailing trip in National Park ‘de Alde Feanen’.

Day 4: The Oranjewoud Estate, the Wouda steam pumping station, and the Frisian cities
The museum Belvédère is situated in the backyard of the Oranjewoud Estate. After a walk through the wooded area and a visit to the museum we will leave for the Wouda Steam Pumping Station: the only steam pumping station in the world that still works. After lunch, we will visit a few historical Frisian cities, among others, Harlingen, an international harbour city.

Day 5: The stars
In the morning we will go to the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, the oldest planetarium in the world that still works. After lunch we will drive back to Leeuwarden where you will have the rest of the afternoon off to enjoy the Capital of Culture 2018.




Friesland Tour Highlights

  • Leeuwarden Canal Tour

    Experience Leeuwarden from the water, make an astonishing boat trip through the historical inner city.

    Leeuwarden Canal Tour
  • Cheese Farm De Deelen

    A cheesefarm showing how cheese is produced from milk. You van also taste and buy cheese here.

    T: 0566 63 13 49


    Cheese Farm De Deelen
  • Schierstins Veenwouden

    A fantastic well preserved castle in Friesland.

    T: 0511 47 29 37

    Schierstins Veenwouden
  • Unesco World Heritage Woudagemaal

    The Woudagemaal in Lemmer the biggest, still working steam-driven pumping station in the world.

    Contact: Maaike Talsma
    T: 0514-561814

    Unesco World Heritage Woudagemaal
  • Bonifatius Dokkum

    In 754 Bonifatius was killed in Dokkum. Visit the Bonifatiuskapel, his statue and the Bonifatius well.

    T: 06 10 91 46 45

    Bonifatius Dokkum
  • Harlinger pottery and tile factory

    In this factory ceramis and tiles have been produced in a traditional way for more than 400 years.

    T: 0517 415362

    Harlinger pottery and tile factory
  • Leeuwarden city tour

    A historic city walk with a guide is the perfect way to explore the inner city of Leeuwarden.

    Leeuwarden city tour
  • Weduwe Joustra

    Contact: Heleen Sonnenberg
    T: +31515 - 412912

    Weduwe Joustra