Frisians do everything a bit differently. Just a bit more relaxed. Just a bit more logical. Just a bit friendlier, more idiosyncratic, maybe a bit slower but also a bit more ‘freely’... We do just about everything more or less the same as the rest of the Netherlands, but all the little ‘just a bit differents’ combine to make Friesland completely different.

That’s why our character is so elusive for many Dutch people. It’s why Escher is not just an artist, Doutzen Kroes is not just a model and Sven Kramer is not just a skater. It is difficult for the rest of the Netherlands to define us and our quirks because we do things our own way. But give us a chance, and we’ll show you how fantastic it is to live like a Frisian.

We are perfectly aware of what’s going on in the world

But we don’t let ourselves get too stressed out by it

It’s just a bit more relaxed here.

That does not mean that we never take action

We also know all about hospitality

And a good party

But we do it in our own way

Once you get to know us, we’re sure that it could also become your way.

Let’s be honest, Friesland is simply the best destination.

EMBARGO. Alleen gebruik Merk Fryslân. Beeldbank 2984.

EMBARGO. Alleen gebruik Merk Fryslân. Beeldbank 2984.

© Tom Coehoorn


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