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Oldehove Royal de Luxe


The icon of the city of Leeuwarden is the Oldehove. Building was started in 1529, and the tower leans, curves, and still isn't quite complete!…

The icon of the city of Leeuwarden is the Oldehove. Building was started in 1529, and the tower leans, curves, and still isn't quite complete! It was originally intended for the Oldehove tower to sit next to a new church, that would stand on the ground of the old Sint Vitusker, however the project was never realised. This was unfortunate news to head builder Jacob van Aaken, as during the building process, the tower sank and leaned. There have been attempts to complete more brickwork for the tower, but none of these have been successful. Building stopped in 1533, and there have been no further attempts to change it further. It was hoped that the tower would eventually reach 120 metres, and would have a number of functions, but none of this was completed, either. Since then, the tower has become one of the most important symbols of the city of Leeuwarden. 

Leeuwarders take great pride in their 'leaning tower', and it has even given rise to the saying: "A'k de Oldehove niet siën ken, dan foël ik my onwennich"- "If I can't see the Oldehove, then I can't feel at ease". 

The Oldehove:

-has a height of around 39-metres, with a structure that reaches 48-metres

-Hangs 1.99 metres off-centre

-Has staircases with more than 183 steps

-Was built between the 28th May 1529 to halfway through 1533

-Had two doors until 1599 (one on the east side, one on the west)

-Had an electric lift between 1916 and 1954

-Had a new lift installed in 2011 (to the first floor)

-Has a front door that is 72.5cm higher than the earlier 'backdoor'

-Welcomed around 28,200 visitors in 2017, which was at that point a record

- It then saw around 65,000 people visit in 2018 (!)

-Has a team of 25 'tower watchers' 

-Is a popular marriage location

-Is, between April and October, open daily

-Has been cared for, since 2010, by the Historic Centre of Leeuwarden (HCL)


Oldehoofsterkerkhof 1
8911 DH Leeuwarden
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More information

Opening times

  • De Oldehove is in 2019 dagelijks geopend tussen 30 maart en 27 oktober. De toren is dicht op 9-11 augustus, 5 september en 19 oktober. De toren is te beklimmen van 13.00 tot 16.30 uur, in juli en augustus van 11.00 - 16.30 uur. De bezoekersruimte beneden blijft open tot 17.00 uur.


  • Children€1.50 Up to 12 years
  • Children€2.50 13 t/m 17 jaar
  • Students€2.50
  • Adults€3.50
  • Groups€1.00 Meer dan 15 personen t/m 17 jaar
  • Groups€1.50 Meer dan 15 personen vanaf 18 jaar
  • Groepen van 15 personen of minder hoeven zich tijdens openingsuren niet apart vooraf aan te melden. In overleg is het voor groepen ook mogelijk om buiten de reguliere openingstijden een bezoek te brengen aan de Oldehove. Voor aanmeldingen en/of meer informatie over openingstijden en over speciale arrangementen, zie
  • Payment options: Cash, PIN


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