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Breebergschans Fort and Gallows Hill


Centuries ago, Breebergschans fort was part of the Frisian Water Line. Sadly, nothing is left of the fort.

During the Eighty Years’ War, this section of the Schansdijk dike was the site of the Breebergschans fort.

The fort was built by order of William Louis of Nassau-Dillenburg, Stadtholder of Friesland. As one of the forts on the Frisian Water Line, its task was to prevent the Spanish from invading.

The ten forts built by the Frisians served their purpose: the Spanish were unsuccessful in their attempt to invade the northern Netherlands.

Sadly, nothing is left of the fort.

Instead, we have to make do with stories about it.

Today, there is a sign on the Schansdijk that serves as a reminder.

In 1925, an excavation revealed that further on from here, there must have been a gallows hill, where criminals and heathens were hung from a gibbet.

The site of the fort is on the Frisian Water Line I cycling route.

Here you will find Breebergschans Fort and Gallows Hill

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