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Boating in and to Friesland

Brooks, rivers, lakes, waterways, pools, ditches and canals. Here in Friesland we have more words for bodies of water than we have for bread. Which is logical, as we have been dealing with water for centuries. We fought the sea, sailed waterways, fierljeppen across ditches and built mounds for a dry-feet-guarantee. Experience our beautiful water landscape by ferry, bicycle ferry or from your own (rental) boat!


While Friesland is generally perfectly accessible by car or bicycle, there are some exceptions. It is inherent to having many waterways that you sometimes simply cannot escape having to take a ferry. For example to cross a channel or to reach one of the Wadden Islands. This provides you with the opportunity to behold the Frisian landscape from the water.

If you are crossing the province by bicycle or car, you will come across several (bicycle) ferries. Do not pass up on this opportunity! A short intermezzo on the water is a true enrichment to your route. For real lovers, we have a true ferry bicycle route of between 27 and 74 kilometres long. You can take a break for a snack and/or a drink at some of these ferries.

Pontjes Route "De 8 van Grou"

To the Wadden Islands

Take the boat to Terschelling or Vlieland
Shipping company Doeksen will take you to Terschelling or Vlieland from Harlingen.
Are you headed for Terschelling? Then you can go by ferry (you can bring your car if you want) (boating time approximately 120 minutes) or by fast ferry (approximately 45 minutes). Low-traffic area Vlieland takes 95 minutes by ferry and 90 minutes by fast ferry (via Terschelling). Tip: You can make an upfront reservation for tickets here.

Take the boat to Ameland or Schiermonnikoog
If you want to go to Ameland, you leave from Holwerd. You go to Schiermonnikoog from Lauwersoog. Shipping company Wagenborg takes you to both islands within approximately 45 minutes. The water taxi takes around twenty minutes. Cars, bicycles and motors can only be taken with you on the ferry to Ameland. Schiermonnikoog is a low-traffic area. Tip: You can make an upfront reservation for tickets here.

Both at Doeksen and Wagenborg you can park your car at walking distance from the departure hall. More information on parking in Harlingen, Holwerd and Lauwersoog

Read more tips below

  • You can buy tickets for ferry rides to the Wadden Islands on location, but it is better to order them online. Especially during high season and when you are visiting an event!
  • Are you bringing children? Then they should also have a fun time. So rent a dinghy! The 2.5 HP motor boat is suitable for children aged 12 and up. If they are younger you can put them into a rubber boat behind your sailing yacht or motor yacht.
  • Not yet familiar with the Frisian waterways? Then download the ANWB Waterkaarten app! Use this and be sure you’re going in the right direction.Ben je nog niet bekend op de Friese wateren?