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Friesland third on Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Europe’ list

A huge win for Friesland: Lonely Planet elected Friesland third of the ten ‘Best in Europe’ spots of 2018. This was announced by the world's leading travel guide today. A unique event for the Netherlands, because it’s the first Dutch destination to ever end up so high on this famous list.

The vivid capital Leeuwarden, the vast landscape and the Frisian Wadden area were the decisive factor for this high ranking. The election of cultural capital of Europe did not go unnoticed: ''It is well-deserved; not only is this year full of phenomenal Cultural Capital events, but the province is also bursting with nature, places where you can unwind completely'', Lonely Planet editor-in-chief Sara van Geloven says.

The writers of Lonely Planet have been traveling the world for forty-five years to discover special travel destinations. Best in Europe 2018 is the sixth edition of the list of Europe's hidden gems. Only the Italian Emilia Romagna and the Spanish Cantabria could top Friesland’s ranking..

Friesland, land of lakes and waterways. Where picturesque cities border on versatile landscapes. Where the rich history is embraced by modern culture. And where tranquility is a state of mind.

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