Aqueduct route

7 hours 30 minutes (76.0 km)

Sailing through the southwestern part of the Frisian lakes has become even more attractive. In the past twenty years, five beautiful aqueducts have been built as part of the Frisian Lakes Project. Cars and boats are no longer in each other’s way and all traffic can flow unimpeded.

This route gives plenty of room to all water sports enthusiasts. Instead of waiting for bridges, you can just keep on sailing, and enjoy the road traffic that seems to simply disappear under your boat. You start and finish in Stavoren, one of the famous eleven Frisian cities, with this 76 kilometre sailing route along these five hydraulic engineering gems.

The following aqueducts are part of the route: the Galamadammen aqueduct in Koudum, the Ie aqueduct in Woudsend, the Jeltesleat aqueduct in Hommerts, the Hooidammen aqueduct in Sneek and the Geau aqueduct in IJlst

Sights on this route

Starting point: Johan Frisosluis
8715 JM Stavoren
End point: Johan Frisosluis
8715 JM Stavoren