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Everything about the Frisian sailing fleet | Rent a sailboat and more

When you say sailing, you say Friesland. Pre-eminently the province where you can make the most beautiful sailing trips. From the Frisian lakes to the Wadden Sea; everywhere on the sailboat you can enjoy the Frisian nature, peace and quiet. The ships offer something for everyone. In this environmentally friendly way you will experience and discover the most beautiful spots in Friesland, which you will talk about for a long time. Enjoy the ultimate peace, a beautiful sunset and the fresh Frisian wind through your hair! What else do you want?

Sailing competitions are organized in Friesland every year? These skûtsje competitions take place in the summer months and can be found throughout Central and Southwest Friesland!

Discover the Frisian Lakes

The Frisian Lakes is a water paradise! Nowhere else in Europe will you find such an extensive and beautiful area of contiguous canals, ponds, ditches and lakes. On these lakes you can enjoy the special flora and fauna by sailing boat.

Falling dry on the Wadden Sea

In addition to enjoying the Frisian Lakes, the Wadden Sea is also a beautiful area for sailing. Drying is perhaps the highlight of this. When it falls dry, the boat sails on top of a sandbar. You can see the water around the ship slowly disappearing and not much later the boat lies on the sandy bottom. Once you disembark, you will notice that the bottom of the sea is teeming with life. During this special event you can fully enjoy the Wadden Sea area and the peace and quiet around you. After the water starts to recede, you quickly hop aboard and continue your sailing trip.

Het bijzonderste stukje Unesco Werelderfgoed: De Wadden

How everything goes and sails

The sailing ships can often be rented for a day, several days or even a week; actually everything is possible in consultation. For example, in many cases it is possible to bring your own food and drinks or to outsource this to a catering company. The ships are suitable for team building with your colleagues, for a group of friends or, for example, for family weekends. In fact, every target group from young to old enjoys sailing in Friesland.

For specific information, it is wise to contact the organization where you intend to rent a boat. 


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