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Dokkum: the northern star of Friesland

The most northern city of the Netherlands has a rich history, but stands with both feet in the clay. A sober but trendy city where you can shop and lounge after a walk. With the Waddensea and Lauwersmeer area as natural backgarden, a week is quickly to short to visit all the sights that the area has to offer. Dokkum is not at the end of the world, but from there it is definitely visable.

Ten tips in Dokkum

Brewing beer, Preach and Strongholds

Medieval springwater

Als water niet te zuipen is, maak je bier. Bier was in de Middeleeuwen veiliger dan het vervuilde stedelijke water en voedzamer, want in graan en gist zitten vitamine B en voedingstoffen. Een middeleeuws mensch sloeg zo`n 300 liter bier per jaar achterover. Het brouwen gaat nog steeds volgens dezelfde ambachtelijke methodes, maar met een vleug moderne kennis en een snuf liefde en passie. Daag je zintuigen uit met een bezoek aan de brouwerijen van Dokkum. Ruik, proef en luister hoe de ketels graan en mout omtoveren tot een gouden drankje.

When you can't drink the water, you make it into beer. During the middle ages, beer was saver and more nutricious to drink than the polluted city water, because it contained grains, yeast and vitamine B. A medieval citizen drank about 300 litre beer per year. Beer brewing still happens with the same artisan methods, but with a flair of modern knowledge, love and passion. Challenge your senses with a visit to the Dokkum brewery. Smeel, taste and listen how the kettles transfer grean and malt into a drink of gold.

A man with a mission

Bonifatius is often mentioned together with Dokkum. The English missionary travelled to Friesland to convert the Frisians to Christianity. Easy, because his own Anglosaxon language was familiar with the old Frisian language, so there was little room for miscommunication. The journey to Dokkum was like a parade when the elderly Bonifatius travelled to Friesland with his retinue in 754. For the Frisians however, the retinue reminded them of an advancing army. They intervened, blocked the road and killed Bonifatius. 

Around the hexagonal block

Around the most northern city lies a hexagonal stronghold. This stronghold was constructed on the orders of prins Willem van Oranje. Six salient fortifications, a moat 24 meters wide and around five meter high fortified walls needed to protect Dokkum against enemies. Today, it allows us for a beautiful walk along the windmills 'Zeldenrust' and 'De Hoop', four gates and cannons from the nineteenth century. At 21:50, the bells will sound like they did in the past: "In 10 minutes, the city gates will close!" 

Stay the night in Dokkum

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