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Sneek: city of watersports

For a short time, Sneek was able to call itself the capital of Friesland in the fifteenth century. Logical, when you are the central station for all Frisian water traffic. Sneek is still the central hub and the annual 'Sneekweek' serves as a reminder. During the Sneekweek, the largest poolparty of Friesland takes place around the Waterpoort. Thanks to the shops, restaurants and parks of historic Sneek you can enjoy the city all year round. 

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Going fast

The Sneekweek is filled with sail competitions and then the shores are full with supporters. A fleet sailing past the Waterpoort opens this sportive week and the biggest pool party in Friesland. When the startsign is given, then the island where the race starts is the place to be. The islandis the green tribune for the supporters who cheer for the sailers. 

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With four watergates and two gates on land it was no easy feat to enter sneek in the past. With the bells ringing, the gates were rapidly closed and were you to late, then you had to pay to get in. When the gates were no longer necessary they were demolished. All but one water gate. We can thank that to the residents of Sneek, who fought to keep the water gate standing. In China , The Hague, Legoland and Japan they recreated her shapes, although not on the same size. 

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De waterpoort van Sneek is een van de historische kenmerken die de elf Friese steden zo bijzonder maken.

The moats of Sneek

Around the old city centre of Sneek is the city moat that exists out of several other grachten (moats): the Koopmansgracht, Prinsengracht, Waterpoortsgracht, Kerkgracht and two quays: Hendrikkade en de Jousterkade. These are important names for the history of Sneek. When exploring these moats and quays, you can read this history like an open book. From time to time, you would think that you are in a smaller version of Amsterdam, but then quieter.

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