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Hindeloopen: historic Frisian city

That Frisian is its own language is something we probably don't have to tell you anymore, this our language also has its own dialects. 'Hindeloopers' is one of them. Even for Frisian ears, the tones of the medieval vowels sound unfamiliar. This city prefers to do things its on way and that makes Hindeloopen a real trendsetter. The straight connection from the Zuidersea to the Oostseabrought them all kinds of cotton, called the 'sits'. Besides their own dialect, Hindeloopen also has its own clothing. In the nineteenth century you could find all kinds of 'fashionistas' in Hindeloopen.

Eight tips in Hindeloopen

Colorful clothing

The women from Hindeloopen made their own dresses and jackets just like everyone in that time of wool and linen. This was until their ships came back from India filled with cotton. And what a cotton it was, full of colourful flowers and exotic patterns. It even got its own name: sits. You could wash this coloured fabric endlessly without it shrinking or losing color. The flowery patterns were combined with diamond patterns in the clothing of women in Hindeloopen and it made them real trendsetters. The patterns within the clothing become associated with certain rules and symbolism. This way you could for example see if someone already stole the heart of a Hinderlooper woman.

Campagnebeelden Merk Fryslân. Niet kaal gebruiken i.v.m. kans op gebruik anderen.

Armed with a paintbrush

Together with the clothing, interior design also underwebt significant changes. This time it was influenced by the Norse Rosemåling. Although, that is what people believe. Nothing of the interior was left untouched and became a true piece of art. Every wooden object that people could find was painted. Furniture, windowframes, the bedframeand even clogs were decorated with flowers, leaves, animals, faces ,biblical and mythological imagery Thanks to Arend Roosje, this work of art became a profession, which forever connected his last name to the city and craft: Roosje Hindeloopen.

Ice skating museum

All kind of things sliped across the ice of the eleven cities. Some of these skates have a prominent spot in the first Frisian ice skating museum. In 1983, the museum started out small in the characteristic building in this picturesque city. It has since then grown into the biggest museum in regard to ice skating. It has the biggest collection of skates and slays worldwide and tells the complete history of the eleven cities tour and famous ice skaters such as W.A. van Buren. Here, you will discover their stories.

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