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Hindeloopen is a small city in the southwest of Friesland. This city is located along the IJsselmeer and offers many opportunities for water sports. With around 900 residents, Hindeloopen is one of the smaller cities in Friesland. Do you think that Frisian is already difficult enough to understand? In Hindeloopen, they speak with a strong accent called Hindeloopers. This dialect retains the medieval vowels, which gives it a really distinctive sound.

Hindeloopen obtained its own city rights in 1225, which is really something considering it has so few residents. Still, Hindeloopen was an important trading location with a waterway along the Zuiderzee. The skippers from Hindeloopen left in their ships for the Baltic Sea to trade and sold gin and wool slippers there. Hindeloopen experienced a great period of growth in the 17th and 18th centuries. This can be seen with the city’s many lovely buildings and sights. In earlier times, Hindeloopen had its own traditional dress. Nowadays, these outfits can only be seen during performances and demonstrations.