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Hanseatic city Bolsward

Between the cities of Franeker, Sneek and Makkum lies Bolsward, a undiscovered pearl in Friesland. Bolsward was founded on three mounds of which the oldest dates back to when we just started counting the years. This is only one if the aspects that make this seemingly normal city so special. Enjoy the small discoveries, rich history, historic buildings and cozy restaurants during your visit.

Ten tips in Bolsward

Herbal bitter, Heavenly church and Traders

Berenburg or Beerenburg

 It's easy to overlook the extra 'E', but who drinks to much of it doesn't sees the difference anymore. This strong Frisian herbal bitter is now simply known as 'Sonnema'. It was Fedde Sonnema who added those herbs from his own area to the recipe of Hendrik Beerenburg from Amsterdam. Besides adding the herbs, Fedde also gave his own spin to the name. That's why the Berenburg of Sonnema has only one 'E'. Luckily, the pronounciation does not change.

Without a roof

Are you looking for the perfect location for a photoshoot? This is it! the lighting in the Broerechuch is simply heavenly. After a heavy fire in the eighties, the church was roofless for a long time. Luckily, someone came with the idea to make a glass roof on the ruins of the church, making it a beautiful spot in the city. When the gate is open, you can walk inside to admire the burned door which serves as a reminder to the fire or to take a moment to experience the atmosphere. Just outside the church you will find a waterspitting bat. How it ended up there you can read in the story of the 11Fountains.


One city is a city, 11 cities are a skating race and 150 cities are a strong trading alliance. These are the cities of the Hanseatic League. The collaboration between these cities combatted piracy and protected the tradingroute which went through the nordeast of Europe. This was monopoly at a global level, because those who controlled the most cities won. The profits went primarily to the traders who safely travelled from city tocity with there tradewares. Hides, honey, grains, salt and sheets found their way to housholds of the fourteenth century. Luckily, the way to Bolsward is still save to travel for everyone who wants to pay the city a visit.  

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