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Fortress Sloten

Welcome in the smallest of our eleven cities: Sloten. Once a strategic location along the waterway from Sneek to the Zuidersea, it is now a paradise for lovers of watersports and an attraction for anyone who wants to escape busy life. The city centre with its old, beautiful residential buildings and fortifications where you can hear the roar of a cannon give it a charme that you can find nowhere else.

Ten tips in Sloten

Roaring cannons, Cornmill and Magic

A trip

The fortification around Sloten was designed and build by the well-known engineer Menno van Coehoorn. We are not sure whether he purposely chose the shape of the fortification, which looks a lot like an union. Sloten was therefore also called the 'union city'. The residents of Sloten even named an annual market after it., called the 'siepelsneon'. Someone who knows the Frisian language knows that this is held on a Saturday. On top of the fort you will find a cannon that is still in operation and roars through the entire summer. OnFriday evening the militia assembles at the cannon, loads it up with gunpowder and greets the evening with a bang.

Key of the city

Op het bastion van Sloten draaien de wieken van een molen. Deze heeft als taak om van koren meel te maken, waar de bakkers dan weer brood en koekjes van bakken. Best een belangrijk korenmolen dus. Het is dan ook vreemd dat hij pas in 2005 een naam kreeg. De Kaai past als naam heel goed bij de stad Sloten, want zoals op ieder potje een deksel past, heeft elk slot zijn sleutel. Kaai is het friese woord voor sleutel.

The blades of a mill turn on the bastion of Sloten. This mill makes flour from corns, of which that bakers bake bread and cookies. It is therefore a pretty important cornmill. That makes it even stranger that this mill only received its name in 2005. 'De Kaai' is a name which is a name befitting for a city of Sloten, as 'kaai' means key in Frisian.

Magic with light

On the attic of Peter Bonnet in Sloten you can find a collection of magic lanterns that he collected and repaired during his life. From his passion, a museum emerged where you can still enjoy the predecessor of lamps, cameras and smartphones. Theseare the tik-toks, reels and boomerangs of the nineteenth century.


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