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Harlingen is one of the Frisian eleven cities and has almost 15,000 residents. It’s the fourth largest city in Friesland and is very important to the province because of the harbour. It’s also an important link with the Wadden islands. You can take a boat from Harlingen to Vlieland and Terschelling.

Discover this beautiful city on the water where there’s always something to do throughout the year. Over 600 monuments outline this harbour city and make the city centre a lovely place to visit. Part of the original defences can still be seen in the city, just like the original canals and old warehouses. There are also a lot of little alleyways that connect the canals.

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Harlingen is the gateway between the Wadden and the Frisian mainland.

This makes Harlingen the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy the city, beach and nature.