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Workum: city of lions

Workum has something for everyone: from painter Jopie Huisman to cosy restaurants. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings of iron- and lampmerchant Jopie Huisman and there is a museum where you can learn more about the rich history of Workum. A stroll through the old city centre is an attraction in it of itself, but the nature around the city is definitely worth a visit as well. It allows for beautiful walks and cyclingtrips along the Frisian IJsserlake or through cozy villages in the area.

Ten tips in Workum

Fast shit, Flying kites and busy hands


The bulb fields of the Netherlands cannot exists without manure from Friesland, so when delivering it between Workum and Warmond you take the shortest route, which is across the IJsselmeer via Amsterdam. The annual 'shitrace' is sailed with traditional freightships on the force of wind and not a single engine is used. When the wind falls and the sails are hanging still, brute force is the only day to keep going. With the manureweek, Working brings an maritime ode to wind and water.

Museum of compassion

That name was given to the Jopie Huisman museum by comedian Freek de Jonge and is a good fit. Painter Jopie Huisman would paint the tracks of the cows, rather than the cows themselves. The ragsman would pick his subjects to paint from the ordinary things that he came across every day. His works are a combination of philosophy, estatic and phenomenal arts of painting. His message of compassion is universal and timeless, just like his paintings.

Fluttering sheets

The colourful kites make it a sight to behold above the IJssellake. Between heaven and water, kitesurfers battle with gulfs and wind. The beach in Workum is a paradise for all who love kitesurfing. Here, the wind always blows favourably and makes sure that the shallow waters are the perfect trainingground to learn how to kitesurf. The experienced kitesurfers also likes to show their skills here. Would you dare to try, or would you prefer to stay on land?

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